Phil Lord

Woody Harrelson in talks for key role in Han Solo movie
Jan 4, 2017

One of our national screen treasures may be joining his third huge sci-fi franchise in five years.

Watch the surreal and wacky fun of Son of Zorn in the SDCC trailer
Jul 23, 2016

It's a cartoon. It's a live-action comedy. It's He-Man meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It's Son of Zorn.

Believe it or not, Greatest American Hero to get a reboot
Nov 3, 2015

The Greatest American Hero will be flying -- very poorly -- to our television screens.

LEGO Movie's Chris Miller says Sony's animated Spidey flick won't be 'another Peter Parker origin story'
Aug 10, 2015

Could we be seeing Miles Morales making his movie debut in the LEGO Movie directors' upcoming Spider-Man animated feature film?

Han Solo origin film in the works with The Lego Movie's Miller and Lord to direct
Jul 7, 2015

We finally know what Lucasfilm will be doing with its other Star Wars anthology film, and they’ve made one heck of an interesting hire to direct.

Phil Lord talks about The Flash movie and reveals their version of the Scarlet Speedster
May 19, 2015

We've all been wondering which version of the Fastest Man Alive would be portrayed in Warner Bros.' upcoming The Flash movie. And now we have the answer.

Last Man on Earth producer explains why the show is basically the anti-Walking Dead
May 5, 2015

The first season of Fox’s Last Man on Earth has officially come to an end, and creators Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have opened up about what makes their apocalypse unique.

LEGO Movie directors to make animated Spider-Man movie
Apr 23, 2015

Spider-Man will be swinging into action again in 2018 -- this time in an animated feature film.

LEGO Movie directors rebooting 1980s sci-fi series Greatest American Hero
Sep 2, 2014

Studios are digging fairly deep at this point, and now they’ve unearthed the 1980s superhero show Greatest American Hero. It’s reboot time.

Rumor of the day: Ghostbusters 3 directors 'walking away' from the sequel
Apr 8, 2014

For a short while there, some buzzy comedy directors were lined up to take over Ghostbusters 3 -- but now it sounds like the long-delayed project might be leaderless once again.

Here's the directing duo set to take over Ghostbusters 3
Mar 20, 2014

After decades of waiting, the long-fabled Ghostbusters 3 is finally starting to come together — just not exactly as we’d expected.