The Phantom

Rumor of the day: Pulp hero The Phantom getting a big-screen reboot
May 1, 2014

With just about every classic comic getting a shot at the big screen these days, it looks like classic pulp hero The Phantom might also get one more shot at box-office fame.

New Phantom trailer shows us more Ghost Who Walks action
Dec 14, 2012

Long before the world ever heard of Superman or Spider-Man, The Phantom fought crime—and now he's back to do it again in Syfy's upcoming four-hour miniseries.

Gallery: 17 pics from Syfy's The Phantom miniseries
Dec 14, 2012

You'll have to wait until June 20 at 7 p.m. ET/PT to catch The Phantom—a k a the immortal Ghost Who Walks—in action in Syfy's upcoming four-hour miniseries. But you can check out 17 images from The Phantom right now.

Riverworld, Phantom, Alice movie events coming to SCI FI
Dec 14, 2012

SCI FI Channel has given a green light to three miniseries, Riverworld, The Phantom and Alice.

Updated: SCI FI Casts Riverworld, Phantom movie events
Dec 14, 2012

SCI FI Channel has cast its upcoming movie events Riverworld and The Phantom.

Get a sneak peek at the title character from SCI FI's The Phantom
Dec 14, 2012

We have an exclusive look at concept art from The Phantom.