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Hook reimagined as a Peter Pan horror movie actually works really well

Steven Spielberg’s Hook is a modern classic, casting Robin Williams as an adult Peter Pan who has to reconnect with his inner child and return to Neverland when his children are kidnapped. But, what if they turned the focus back on Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook?

Disney returns to Neverland with a live-action Peter Pan movie
Apr 14, 2016

Prepare for one more adventure with the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

See Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard pilot a flying boat in first Pan trailer
Nov 25, 2014

Today we get our first look at a new take on Peter Pan -- and this time it's a prequel.

Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard makes that new Peter Pan a LOT more interesting
Jan 24, 2014

You know that Peter Pan movie Warner Bros. moved into Batman vs. Superman’s original 2015 release slot? Well, it just picked up some major comic book geek creed.

9 really weird real-life diseases named after sci-fi characters
Dec 16, 2012

Many fictional characters use their larger-than-life eccentricities to delight audiences. These eccentricities are not so delightful in real life, however. That's why these are called "syndromes" and "diseases" and not "awesome mutations." Inspired by Syfy's Neverland (which premieres Sunday, Dec. 4 at 9/8 and Monday, Dec 5 at 9/8c), we found nine disorders with names inspired by classic sci-fi and fantasy characters.