Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg to star and Peter Berg to direct The Six Billion Dollar Man
Nov 6, 2014

The Six Billion Dollar Man is still on its bionic track, with Mark Wahlberg set to star in the upcoming reboot and Peter Berg to sit in the director's chair.

Mark Wahlberg could be the new Six Million Dollar Man
Jul 7, 2014

There's a report out there that claims The Six Million Dollar Man is being rebooted and Mark Wahlberg could be the actor getting the expensive upgrade.

Battleship director says he's finally figured out why it was a massive flop
Aug 19, 2013

So why did Battleship fail? Director Peter Berg thinks he's finally figured it out.

Battleship director's 'big and powerful' idea why his film tanked
Dec 17, 2012

Though Disney's John Carter took the brunt of the heat for being this year's first flop, another big budget extravaganza actually did worse: The board game-inspired, alien invasion flick Battleship.

Why'd Battleship fail? Director says you can blame The Avengers
Dec 17, 2012

It's been well over a month since Battleship hit U.S. theaters. But the Peter Berg-directed feature's been given the cold-shoulder by audiences. The film's earned a mere $63 million Stateside, while scoring $235 million overseas. What happened? According to Berg, The Avengers happened.

Is Will Smith's Hancock 2 finally getting a little momentum?
Dec 17, 2012

Like the namesake character in Will Smith's weird hobo superhero flick Hancock, talk of a sequel just refuses to die.

See aliens at sea in new pics from Peter Berg's Battleship
Dec 16, 2012

We're still not quite sure how the folks behind the upcoming board game-made-movie Battleship managed to take a simple exercise in naval geometry and turn it into a story about U.S. military personnel battling a horde of water-borne alien invaders...but, hey, we live in a world in which the Chipmunks have become a film franchise, so anchors aweigh! Besides, director Peter Berg is making sure the sinking of battleships at least looks pretty, if these new production stills are to be believed.

2nd surprising Battleship trailer turns out to be filled with awesome
Dec 16, 2012

Okay, Peter Berg just might pull this whole boardgame movie thing off. The second trailer for Hasbro's naval warfare invasion flick goes for a stunning air, land and sea assault of colossal spaceships, cool cyborg soldiers and an insane arsenal of stuff that goes BOOM.

Remember that threatened Hancock sequel? It could still happen
Dec 16, 2012

Hancock 2 could still happen. Peter Berg and Will Smith really want to make a sequel to the 2008 superhero film. According to Berg, a follow-up is in the works and Smith is "interested" in reprising the title role.

Why are there aliens in Battleship? Peter Berg reveals the real reason
Dec 16, 2012

Saturday afternoon, Peter Berg attended the WonderCon panel for his latest movie Battleship and answered a question that's been on all our minds. Why are there aliens in this movie? Oddly enough, Berg's inspiration came from an unlikely source.

How did those Battleship aliens find Earth? New footage explains
Dec 16, 2012

As we can already tell from the explosively awesome trailer, the upcoming board game-based Battleship involves an alien attack on the high seas. But, a new featurette about the film explains how the aliens ran across Earth in the first place. Apparently, it's all our fault.

Peter Berg narrates Battleship featurette flooded with new alien footage
Dec 16, 2012

Poor Earth. Seems everybody wants to kick our planet's ass these days. Battleship enters the tsunami of invasion-oriented offerings with a furious extended clip sizing up the predator's plans with plenty of gargantuan guns and gusto.

Kick-ass Taken director takes over troublesome Dune remake
Dec 14, 2012

Peter Berg is out and Pierre Morel is in for the latest adaptation of Dune.

Director Berg envisions an epic adventure Dune film
Dec 14, 2012

The director talked about his ideas for a new film adaptation of Frank Herbert's SF classic.