Doctor Who actor who inspired Jamie Fraser to star in Outlander?
Nathalie Caron

Could a Doctor Who star soon find his way into Ronald D. Moore's new time-travel drama series Outlander?

Diana Gabaldon and Caitriona Balfe explain time travel's role in Outlander
Ernie Estrella

Outlander aims to satisfy fans of the historically rich novels but will lure newcomers with fantasy, adventure, science fiction and romance.

Watch Outlander's hauntingly beautiful opening credits + entire SDCC panel here
Nathalie Caron

Starz has released the opening credits for Ronald D. Moore's time-travel series Outlander. Oh, and you can also watch the entire San Diego Comic-Con panel right here.

Jamie and Claire are sizzlin' in 2 new Outlander trailers, 18 stills and character portraits
Nathalie Caron

With the premiere of Ron D. Moore's time-traveling series Outlander just around the corner, Starz has heaped upon us some brand-new trailers, stills and 10 glorious character portraits. UPDATED with third, new full-length trailer.

New trailer for Ron Moore's time-traveling series Outlander features loads of brand-new, never-seen footage
Nathalie Caron

A brand-new trailer for Ronald D. Moore’s upcoming time-traveling series Outlander has been released featuring loads of never-seen-before footage.

New trailer for Ronald D. Moore's Outlander features more scenes, more sex, more Jamie Fraser
Nathalie Caron

Starz just released a brand-new, sexy trailer for Ronald D. Moore’s (Battlestar Galactica) upcoming time-traveling series Outlander.

Meet the actor who'll play Jamie Fraser's BFF Ian Murray in Ron D. Moore's Outlander
Nathalie Caron

Finally! After painfully long months of waiting, Starz has finally revealed who will play the King of Men Jamie Fraser’s BFF forever, Ian Murray, in Outlander.