Nike is finally releasing the self-lacing sci-fi shoes of your BTTF-fueled dreams
Sep 21, 2016

Ever since Marty McFly suited up in his pair of self-lacing Nike Mags, geeks and shoe aficionados alike have been clamoring for a real-life pair. Now Nike has finally cracked it.

Back to the Future fans! Nike unveils the first self-lacing shoes you can actually buy
Mar 17, 2016

Sure, we don’t have flying cars or (real) hoverboards, but Nike plans to pay off on its contribution to Back to the Future II. Check out the first real self-lacing shoes you can actually buy.

The secret battle over Kyle Reese's 1980s-era Nikes in Terminator: Genisys
Dec 8, 2014

Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, there's nothing to directly connect the original Terminator with the relaunch, right? Well ...

Watch the Hulk crash the World Cup in new ad
Apr 29, 2014

A new Nike ad focused around the World Cup goes green -- literally.

Nike plans self-lacing shoes for Back to the Future's future-versary, 2015
Feb 17, 2014

Sneakerheads and sci-fi fans have one thing in common: Back to the Future's self-lacing sneakers. Soon, however, these sneakers will no longer be science fiction.