Night of the Living Dead

Horror legend George A. Romero on why no one will fund his next zombie movie
Oct 27, 2016

As you kick back to enjoy the new season of The Walking Dead, remember it almost certainly owes a debt to George A Romero. The Night of the Living Dead auteur pioneered the zombie genre — but that means he’s also been around long enough to see the genre fundamentally change over the past decade or so.

George Romero has found a long lost, zombie-filled scene from Night of the Living Dead
Oct 20, 2015

George Romero, himself, has unearthed 10 minutes of long-lost footage from his 1968 zombie horror classic Night of the Living Dead. Even better? It’s said to be the most zombie-filled scenes of the original cut.

George A. Romero's son making Night of the Living Dead prequel
Feb 5, 2015

The offspring of the man who pretty much invented the modern zombie movie is now continuing the family business.

Zombie legend George Romero is not impressed with the modern-day crop of horror films
Sep 12, 2014

Horror movie auteur George A. Romero has made some of the greatest scare-fests in history, but it turns out he’s not a big fan of the current generation of horror and zombie movies.

New Night of the Living Dead reboot may have you scratching your head
Aug 16, 2013

We get the need to update a story that was first told in the 60's, but some these changes are just plain weird.

Bloody supercut pulls trigger on 50+ classic zombie head shots
Jun 19, 2013

It’s almost become a cliche these days, but the headshot remains the most effective (and gorily fun) way to kill a zombie.

14 annoying horror movie victims we were actually glad to see die
Dec 17, 2012

We spend quite a bit of time in horror films rooting for people to survive, hoping they'll outsmart the psycho with the knife or outrun the monster or overcome the zombie horde. But sometimes there are those characters that we actively (and happily) root against, those characters so disruptive, so grating, so just plain annoying, that we can't wait to watch them meet their ends.

Actor who played George A. Romero's very first zombie dead at 75
Dec 16, 2012

Bill Hinzman, the actor and director most famous as the very first zombie to shuffle into George A. Romero's Night of the Living...