Nicholas Brendon

Buffy's 'Xander' tased, arrested in L.A.
Jun 26, 2015

Former Buffy star Nicholas Brendon was arrested Thursday morning after a fracas.

Buffy's Xander returns to sci-fi in 1st trailer for reality-bending flick Coherence
May 6, 2014

Though we remember him fondly from the Buffy days, actor Nicholas Brendon hasn’t done much sci-fi since he hung up the eyepatch as fan favorite Xander Harris. Until now.

An original Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is helping write the S10 comic
Jan 28, 2014

Though Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been off the air for more than a decade, the series is still going strong in comic-book form. Even cooler? One of the Scoobies is getting involved.

You can thank Buffy's Xander for that Avengers shawarma scene
Dec 17, 2012

Remember that weird, random "shawarma" line in The Avengers that sets up the even weirder post-credits scene? Well, we finally figured out where Joss Whedon got the idea—former Buffy The Vampire Slayer co-star Nicholas Brendon.

7 actors who could replace Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead remake
Dec 15, 2012

Evil Dead is getting a remake. These are words that have some fans of the cult classic franchise turning into "deadites" ready to eat the brains of the people involved in making this happen. Still, it is happening nonetheless.

Nicholas Brendon: That Joss-less Buffy reboot is a MISTAKE
Dec 14, 2012

We haven't heard much out of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast about the big screen reboot that's proceeding without Joss Whedon—unless you want to count the pre-Gellar Buffy who's angling for a role—but now a member of the Scooby Gang has one word to describe it: Mistake.