Niall Matter

Primeval: New World's star warns: 'There's a lot of dark layers' ahead
Jun 14, 2013

Primeval: New World will build on the bones of the original series, while heading into brand new territory, said Canadian actor Niall Matter, who plays Evan Cross on Syfy's Primeval spinoff.

Why Primeval spinoff is gonna have a 'harder edge' than original
Dec 17, 2012

We haven't heard an awful lot since it was announced that the dino and anomalies-filled UK sci-fi series Primeval was getting a North-American spin-off titled Primeval: New World. Sure, we got some awesome casting news a few months back, but now we're finally hearing from two of its main stars who say that the show will have a "harder edge" than the original. Heck, yeah!

Eureka stars completely different in Warehouse 13
Dec 14, 2012

Eureka's Erica Cerra and Niall Matter do something new in Warehouse 13.