Nervous scientists will run tests to see if we live in The Matrix
Jan 14, 2013

Should you swallow the red pill or the blue pill? You may want to wait for the results of a crazy series of university tests trying to detect our world's reality. Hack in and free your mind.

Intriguing titles for Who's final 7th season episodes disclosed
Dec 17, 2012

Doctor Who's final season with the Ponds is rife with mystery, but today, the last two episode titles with Amy and Rory have been revealed. What secrets could they hold? Read on to find out.

DC releases details (+ 8 pics) of controversial Watchmen prequel
Dec 16, 2012

It's bigger news than the death of Superman and Batman's spine being broken combined. In fact, it's the biggest comic book news of the last 25 years. Say hello to Alan Moore's worst nightmare, ladies and gentlemen—Before Watchmen.

Online fantasy game RIFT sets virtual marriage Guinness record
Dec 16, 2012

We've all heard of Vegas-style "quickie weddings," but it doesn't get much quicker than a video game marriage. Just a click of your mouse and suddenly you've tied the knot with that saucy little dwarf you met 30 seconds ago.