New Mutants

Animated storyboard from Fox's New Mutants film is positively bonkers
Nov 25, 2016

Fox is in the early days of figuring out how to expand its X-Men franchise beyond the flagship films and Wolverine spinoffs (Deadpool not withstanding), and now we have a crazy-early peek at the most interesting option on the table.

Simon Kinberg says next X-Men film will be set in the 90s, Professor X in New Mutants
May 11, 2016

Producer Simon Kinberg reveals which key X-Men character will appear in director Josh Boone's New Mutants.

New Mutants director may have revealed the Fox movie’s team lineup
May 4, 2016

Director Josh Boone has taken to Instagram to share character images that may have just revealed the New Mutants team's lineup.

Fox announces another new X-Men film: Get ready for a New Mutants spinoff
May 13, 2015

Fox's X-Men movie empire is expanding again with a new superteam.

Marvel's New Mutants could be the next big-screen comic franchise
Dec 17, 2012

If you're looking to make a hit movie, and you work at Fox, you don't have to look too far. Between a hit trilogy, the Wolverine flick, and the buzzy prequel First Class, X-Men is a proven commodity—and they want to milk it for all its worth.