New Line

Robert Englund on why New Line didn't want Ash to win in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash
Mar 20, 2017

Following the smashing box-office success that was Freddy vs. Jason back in 2003, plans were put in motion for a sequel that would have added Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams to the nightmarish mix.

Friday the 13th producer explains why the new movie won't be an origin story
Jun 17, 2016

Producer Brad Fuller had a lot more to say about the upcoming Friday the 13th movie, and it looks like the horror film will be less of an origin story and more of a period piece with an alternate-reality twist.

Friday the 13th reboot will introduce Jason Voorhee's long lost father
Jun 6, 2016

The new Friday the 13th reboot will finally introduce a long-lost Voorhees family member.

Stephen King's It has found its Pennywise the Clown
Jun 2, 2016

There’s a new Pennywise in town. New Line’s upcoming big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s It has found its iconic villain in this Hemlock Grove actor.

New Zealand horror comedy Housebound being remade at the request of Peter Jackson
Feb 12, 2015

An acclaimed but little-known horror comedy from New Zealand is getting a U.S. remake, mostly thanks to the fact that Peter Jackson just so happens to be a huge fan.