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Poison Ivy wraps her vines around Bane in new Injustice 2 reveal trailer

Check out Poison Ivy's venomous attack and fear the arrival of Brainiac in two new Injustice 2 trailers.

Gorilla Grodd assembles The Society (and more) in three new Injustice 2 videos

The promo machine for Injustice 2 is showing no signs of slowing down. The upcoming fighting game from NetherRealm Studios has unleashed a new story trailer and two character videos.

Gorilla Grodd leads a roster of DC villains (including Captain Cold!) in latest Injustice 2 trailer
Mar 30, 2017

The latest trailer for Injustice 2 titled "It's Good to Be Bad" has dropped, this time focusing on the Warner Bros. video game’s big bad DC supervillains.

Cheetah longs for Amazon blood in new Injustice 2 character trailer
Mar 21, 2017

Spring into these new gameplay promos for Injustice 2 featuring Cheetah and Firestorm.

Doctor Fate infuriates Superman in new Injustice 2 reveal trailer
Mar 4, 2017

A new promo for Injustice 2 confirms the mysterious Doctor Fate will join the fight.