Willem Dafoe's Ryuk is ready to begin in disturbing Death Note trailer

Check the list for your name and open this eerie new teaser for Netflix's Death Note.

Marvel considered an Asian American actor for Iron Fist but cast him as a villain instead

There are a lot of things to complain about in regard to Marvel's Iron Fist, and the casting is certainly around the top of that list. Once upon a time, the studio apparently considered side-stepping the whitewashing complaints and looked at an Asian American for the starring gig — then decided to cast Finn Jones anyway.

The Man Without Fear suits up in new Defenders BTS set video

Check out Charlie Cox's Daredevil in full crimson attire in this new set video for Marvel's The Defenders.

Finn Jones says negative Iron Fist reviews are because show is 'not made for critics'

The latest Marvel series hits Netflix on Friday, and we're sad to report that it's really not all that good. The general consensus for Iron Fist has been a general meh from critics, but star Finn Jones has fired back with a tried and true excuse that just doesn't hold water.

Toho's first-ever animated Godzilla film heading to Netflix

The beast that roars is getting ready to stomp in animated form.

Fight your way into a kick-ass Iron Fist featurette introducing Colleen Wing

She's a mysterious martial arts master and Danny Rand's mentor, friend and instructor who's haunted by a venomous past.

First trailer for Snowpiercer director's mysterious Netflix film Okja

Coming off the acclaim of Snowpiercer, director Bong Joon-ho has assembled an excellent cast for his latest project. Here's our first look at the mysterious Okja.

See Colleen Wing and Danny Rand in action in 20+ high-res Iron Fist pics

With Marvel set to unleash the power of the Iron Fist in less than three weeks, Netflix has released nearly 20 new high-res images (interspersed with a few older ones) to whet our appetite for the upcoming series.

Will Smith wields a sword and hunts elves in first teaser for Netflix's Bright

Netflix has debuted the first teaser trailer for Bright, their new original movie set in an alternate, present-day universe where "humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been coexisting since the beginning of time."