Bill Nye educates fans on the science of Stranger Things

Here's a scientific examination of the dimension-warping ideas presented in Netflix's Stranger Things.

The Wachowskis' Sense8 returns in new trailer for Season 2

The Wachowskis have quietly been putting together one heck of an ambitious sci-fi series over on Netflix, and now Sense8 is getting ready to return for its second season.

Horror classic The Haunting of Hill House to be remade by Netflix

The definitive haunted house novel of the last 100 years is being adapted to the screen for a third time.

Jessica Jones adds an Oscar nominee in major and mysterious role for Season 2

Holy wow! Marvel’s Jessica Jones just added a two-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner in a major and mysterious role for Season 2.

Marvel’s The Defenders reveals Netflix premiere date and a new teaser

Netflix has dropped a new teaser for The Defenders, finally revealing the premiere date for the new Marvel street-level superhero team-up series.

Exclusive: Director Charlie McDowell talks about his twisty and thoughtful sci-fi film The Discovery

In an exclusive interview with Charlie McDowell, the director tells us how his second directorial effort ended up becoming a streaming exclusive, how the story in The Discovery evolved and about the cast he assembled.

Netflix orders a second helping of Drew Barrymore zombie series Santa Clarita Diet
Mar 29, 2017

Awesome news, Santa Clarita Diet fans! Netflix has renewed its dark comedy zombie series for a hotly anticipated second season.

Willem Dafoe's Ryuk is ready to begin in disturbing Death Note trailer
Mar 22, 2017

Check the list for your name and open this eerie new teaser for Netflix's Death Note.

Marvel considered an Asian American actor for Iron Fist but cast him as a villain instead
Mar 21, 2017

There are a lot of things to complain about in regard to Marvel's Iron Fist, and the casting is certainly around the top of that list. Once upon a time, the studio apparently considered side-stepping the whitewashing complaints and looked at an Asian American for the starring gig — then decided to cast Finn Jones anyway.