Neil Gaiman

Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright teaming up for Neil Gaiman adaptation
Don Kaye

Edgar Wright directing Johnny Depp in a movie based on a Neil Gaiman story? Sure, we'd watch that.

David Goyer offers an update on when Sandman might finally enter production
Trent Moore

It’s taken a while, but a film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman comic series is finally on the way. So, when might this project actually make it in front of the camera?

Rare Neil Gaiman writing for sale until September 23
Carol Pinchefsky

You think you've read all of Neil Gaiman's work? Think again.

Rachel McAdams has an offer for Doctor Strange but really wants to play this DC character
Nathalie Caron

Rachel McAdams may yet nab the main female role in Marvel's Doctor Strange, but she'd really rather play this DC Comics superheroine instead.

Hugo winner Neil Gaiman coming back for Doctor Who S7
Trent Moore

The fantastic author Neil Gaiman, who penned last season's beloved Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife," had so much fun he's coming back. Who fans, rejoice—Gaiman is hard at work on his return trip to the TARDIS.

Rumor of the Day: Before Watchmen brings Gaiman back to Sandman
Matthew Jackson

It's been 16 years since fantasy icon Neil Gaiman ended his landmark comic book series Sandman, but it remains required reading for every new comics fan. Reprints, special issues and spinoff series by other writers have kept the Sandman world alive, and word around the San Diego Comic-Con this week is that Gaiman might be returning to the story for the first time in nearly a decade.

Confirmed: Neil Gaiman announces details of new Sandman prequel
Matthew Jackson

It seems the rumors were true. A quarter century after debuting his iconic comic book series Sandman, Neil Gaiman will return to the character for an all-new prequel miniseries with DC Comics artist J. H. Williams III.

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat knows some fans hate him, but here's what Neil Gaiman said
Nathalie Caron

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman had some wise words of wisdom to impart to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

Neil Gaiman's fantasy tale American Gods picked up to series at Starz
Jeff Spry

The long-delayed fantasy adaptation finally finds a permanent home on cable.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains why making a Sandman movie is more 'complicated' than you'd think
Trent Moore

Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman comic might be one fantastic story, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bring it to the big screen.