Neil Armstrong

Ryan Gosling could star as Neil Armstrong in new space race biopic First Man
Nov 25, 2015

Though most of the box-office attention has been on future-set space stories like The Martian, Hollywood is also aiming to mine our fertile space history for a story or two — and the latest might have just found its star.

Smithsonian launches Kickstarter to 'reboot' Neil Armstrong’s Apollo spacesuit
Jul 21, 2015

Smithsonian launches Kickstarter to ‘reboot’ Neil Armstrong’s Apollo spacesuit

Neil Armstrong, 1st person to walk on the moon, dies at 82
Dec 17, 2012

Neil Armstrong, the man whose name became synonymous with the word "astronaut" when he was crowned a national hero as the first human to ever set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, died Saturday in the Cincinnati area. He was 82.

Read the actual 1969 presidential speech in case of Apollo 11 disaster
Dec 17, 2012

Ever wondered what President Nixon would have said if Armstrong and Aldrin had been stranded on the lunar surface? Here's William Safire's somber, original typewritten message to be read to the American public in the event of their deaths.

Why Armstrong thought the moon landing only had 'a 50-50 chance'
Dec 17, 2012

Thanks to that one small step back in the summer of '69, the name Neil Armstrong is now synonymous with American space exploration. Armstrong is still a household name because of Apollo 11, but the man himself says he thought the odds were 50/50 that he'd ever actually touch the moon during the mission.

Image of the Day: Apollo 11 astronauts' amazing customs form
Dec 15, 2012

On July 24, 1969, the Apollo 11 astronauts were required to declare that they'd returned from the moon with "moon rock and moon dust samples."

Nixon's heartbreaking (and thankfully unneeded) Apollo 11 eulogy
Dec 14, 2012

Fearing the worst possible outcome of the first lunar landing mission—that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would be marooned on the Moon—presidential speechwriter William Safire wrote a memo detailing what President Nixon should say to a grieving nation.

Neil Armstrong shows why Transformer 3's trailer is impossible
Dec 14, 2012

If you were thinking that the least believable thing about the Transformers 3 teaser trailer released Wednesday was the existence of robot aliens on the Moon, you'd be wrong. According to first man on the Moon Neil Armstrong, the real flaw in the film's fictionalized lunar landing is far more down to Earth.

1 in 10 students think 1st man on the moon was Buzz Lightyear
Dec 14, 2012

Other possible moon men were Sir Richard Branson, cyclist Lance Armstrong and Star Wars' Luke Skywalker.