Neal Stephenson

Ron Howard to direct adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Seveneves
Jun 9, 2016

Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves is heading to the big screen, and the project has signed one heck of a heavy hitter to make it happen.

First details on award-winning author Neal Stephenson's new sci-fi novel Seveneves
Oct 7, 2014

Award-winning sci-fi author Neal Stephenson has an intriguing new novel on the way, and now we finally have the first details on the mystery project.

Will Attack the Block director be the guy who finally films Snow Crash?
Dec 17, 2012

Much like the forever-in-development-hell adaptation of William Gibson's Neuromancer, Neal Stephenson's sci-fi classic Snow Crash is an essential cyberpunk novel that's had nothing but bad luck on its way to the big screen. But Attack the Block's Joe Cornish could be set to change all that.

Neal Stephenson creates DVD-like special features for books
Dec 14, 2012

Neal Stephenson has always loved playing around with the format of books. He most notably created the fictional interactive tome Young Ladies Illustrated Primer in The Diamond Age, and he also built the Metaweb in the real world, a wiki site (since discontinued) where he annotated ideas from his novel Quicksilver.

2009 Arthur C. Clarke Award finalists announced
Dec 14, 2012

Ian R. MacLeod, Paul McAuley, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Stephenson, Sheri S. Tepper and Mark Wernham are the six authors shortlisted for the Arthur...