Check out this frightening test firing of the Navy's new EM railgun
Mar 28, 2017

Feel the mighty power of the military's devastating new futuristic toy.

Check out the Navy's new amphibious drone, which can fly then act as a submarine
Aug 17, 2015

The U.S. Naval Research Lab has built a flying drone that can land on water, then dive and continue on as a submarine. Want to see it in action?

New, floating metal to make ultra-light Navy warships and other cool stuff
May 18, 2015

A team of researchers at New York University have created an ultra-light metal that actually floats in water. The applications are, not surprisingly, almost limitless.

Check out the U.S. Navy's new SAFFiR robot designed to fight fires at sea
Feb 9, 2015

The U.S. Navy is looking for new ways to fight fires aboard vessels at sea, and their latest idea is to use this extremely cool robot. Welcome to the future.