NASA might run out of space suits before we can get to Mars

With all the focus on developing everything from the space ships to the rockets that will eventually get us to Mars, it seems another piece of the puzzle has fallen by the wayside.

NASA wants to protect astronauts and space ships in this sci-fi chain mail

NASA probably isn’t thinking about space knights with this stuff, but c’mon, the possibilities are endless.

NASA may cut back on ISS to spend more on the moon and Mars
Mar 23, 2017

The International Space Station (ISS) has been orbiting Earth for almost two decades, and just like that old Buick in your garage, it’s getting more expensive to keep the thing running. So, NASA might cut its losses in a few years to pump more cash into other space exploration initiatives.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the moon
Mar 10, 2017

The space exploratory focus is slowly shifting back to the moon, and now Jeff Bezos' space firm Blue Origin is making a pitch to be a key player in the process. Put simply: Blue Origin wants to help colonize the moon.

Image of the Day: This gorgeous LEGO space shuttle is go for launch
Jan 12, 2017

Feel the full thunder of this epic LEGO space shuttle liftoff!

NASA to explore metal asteroid believed to be the core of a long-destroyed planet
Jan 5, 2017

Though Mars gets a lot of the attention, there are still a ton of fascinating missions just begging for a green light in the rest of our solar system — and here’s the shiniest one of all.

NASA sizzle reel shows everything we have to look forward to in 2017
Dec 29, 2016

It goes without saying that 2016 hasn’t been the greatest year, claiming artists and actors that will leave us reeling well after the calendar flips. But 2017 brings a fresh start— and as NASA points out — some very exciting space projects.

Judge rules Illinois woman legal owner of Apollo 11 moon rock bag
Dec 26, 2016

An important artifact from the Apollo days was the source of a NASA legal dispute now settled.

Image of the Day: Spectacular close-up look at Saturn's moon, Pandora
Dec 22, 2016

Here's a strange and striking look at one of Saturn's tiniest moons courtesy of NASA's Cassini

NASA scientist warns we're woefully unprepared for an extinction-level asteroid strike
Dec 15, 2016

We have something new to add to your list of things that aren’t really surprising, but are still utterly terrifying.

NASA wants SpaceX to prove it can land on Mars before the space agency sends its tech
Dec 15, 2016

NASA is working with SpaceX to piggyback some technology and equipment on the company’s early trips to Mars, but the space agency will not be hitching a ride on the first mission.

SpaceX has delayed the first crewed flight of its Dragon spacecraft
Dec 13, 2016

SpaceX was on track to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) in late 2017 with its Dragon capsule, then a rocket mysteriously blew up on the launchpad. So the company is officially delaying manned flights until 2018.