NASA and Coach team up for a galactic fashion collection

What everyone will be wearing on that first commercial flight to Mars.

NASA wants someone to 3D-print a Mars habitat

3D printing tech could be the answer to colonizing the Red Planet.

Set your sights on Lego's sensational new Saturn V moon rocket set

The awesome might of a massive Saturn V moon rocket is re-created in a stellar new Lego building set.

NASA might run out of space suits before we can get to Mars

With all the focus on developing everything from the space ships to the rockets that will eventually get us to Mars, it seems another piece of the puzzle has fallen by the wayside.

NASA wants to protect astronauts and space ships in this sci-fi chain mail

NASA probably isn’t thinking about space knights with this stuff, but c’mon, the possibilities are endless.

NASA may cut back on ISS to spend more on the moon and Mars
Mar 23, 2017

The International Space Station (ISS) has been orbiting Earth for almost two decades, and just like that old Buick in your garage, it’s getting more expensive to keep the thing running. So, NASA might cut its losses in a few years to pump more cash into other space exploration initiatives.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the moon
Mar 10, 2017

The space exploratory focus is slowly shifting back to the moon, and now Jeff Bezos' space firm Blue Origin is making a pitch to be a key player in the process. Put simply: Blue Origin wants to help colonize the moon.

We're sending a spacecraft to the sun. That's hot.
Mar 5, 2017

NASA's Solar Probe Plus is getting closer to the sun than anything launched from Earth, ever.

NASA just got closer to figuring out where to land the Mars 2020 rover
Feb 20, 2017

Mars 2020 has had its potential landing sites narrowed down to three ... and life could have flourished in any one of them.

Check out the colorful new spacesuits developed for NASA's next generation of flight
Jan 27, 2017

In 2018, NASA will begin a new age of commercial crew flights to the International Space Station, and they'll be doing it in new suits.

NASA puts Apollo 1 capsule hatch on display 50 years after tragic fire
Jan 27, 2017

The Apollo 1 tragedy is getting a memorial exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center.