NASA is building a $127 million space robot to repair and refuel satellites

Once NASA gets its super-expensive tech up into space, it’s not easy to repair it. Especially when it’s not something with a human operator nearby (i.e. a satellite). But now, the U.S. space agency is building its own robo geek squad. 

NASA will give you $30,000 to figure out what to do with astronaut poop

We can put a man on the moon, but the greatest minds at NASA still can’t figure out what to do with astronaut poop.

NASA believes that fuel-free EM Drive concept could potentially work

We’re still waiting on warp drives to get us around the galaxy, but NASA now believes an equally fantastical mode of transportation might actually have some merit. Say hello to the EM Drive.

Retro NASA concept video from the 1960's shows early version of Apollo missions

The 1960s were an amazing time for space exploration, as humanity had boundless ambition and the ingenuity to do as much as possible with insanely limited technology. Enjoy this blast from the past.

NASA and FEMA game plan how to respond to an asteroid threat

It’s been fodder for sci-fi stories for years, but realistically, it’s only a matter of time. It could be a few decades, it could be a few thousand years, but Earth is eventually going to get hit where it hurts by an asteroid.

NASA worried about SpaceX's ambitious plan to fuel spaceships with astronauts on board
Nov 7, 2016

Elon Musk recently rolled out an ambitious plan for how SpaceX will hopefully lead the charge to colonize Mars, and one component of that plan was fueling and refueling ships in space. It cuts down on costs (since the object isn’t as heavy at launch), and could make reusable space tech even easier to use. But NASA has a few concerns with the company’s first step toward that vision.

NASA doesn't see SpaceX's plan to reach Mars first as a rivalry
Nov 1, 2016

Considering a U.S. company has a plan in place to reach Mars around a decade sooner than NASA, you’d think the space agency might be a bit jealous. Well, then you'd be wrong.

Image(s) of the day: The original, 1969 mission report from Apollo 11
Nov 1, 2016

Until we actually put a few humans on Mars, Apollo 11 will stand as the most monumental space mission in human history. So, you want to take a deep dive into the space geek minutiae of the first time humans set foot on the moon?

Carve out your favorites from NASA's annual Halloween pumpkin contest
Oct 31, 2016

Check out these super geeky pumpkins created by some of NASA's top engineers!

Here are the 6 designs that could be the foundation for NASA's Mars spaceship
Oct 28, 2016

We’ve already seen Elon Musk roll out the design for his Mars spaceship, but we’re still waiting for NASA to show off the ship future astronauts will take to the Red Planet.