Cosmic rays could give future Mars astronauts space dementia

Getting astronauts into space and keeping them alive is already a tough nut to crack, and a new study shows it’ll be even harder than we thought.

NASA developing cutting-edge gauze that could save future astronauts

There are a lot of technical hurdles to overcome before we put boots on Mars, and one of the less obvious (thought certainly important) is how to deal with injuries that far away from Earth.

Check out NASA's new mining robot that could dig out rocket fuel on Mars

Mining alien planets for resources and rocket fuel. It’s a part of Elon Musk’s ambitious proposal to colonize Mars, and a staple of pretty much any long-term space exploration plan. Now NASA is building the 1.0 version of the robot that will be doing the dirty work.

Illuminating new video explores the potential cost of living on the moon

Here's how many billions it's going to take to get a permanent foothold on the moon!

Scientists say potential life on Titan could be completely different than anything we know

Scientists obviously have a basic understanding of what it takes for life to exist (we have quite a bit of it to study here on Earth), but they’re starting to realize the playbook won’t work when you’re dealing with a place like Titan.

Kickstarter campaign smashes goal for vinyl edition of Carl Sagan's Voyager Golden Record

Voyager's legendary gold phonograph record will be pressed into a limited-edition album for collectors!

Senate approves $19.5 billion NASA budget for Mars missions, new space ship development

Presidential elections can often be a scary time (some more than others), but it’s an especially trying time for agencies like NASA. Thankfully, it seems the plan for Mars will keep moving ahead (even if that plan could use a few course corrections along the way).

NASA wants your ideas for how to survive on Mars, revolutionize space travel

Crowdsourcing works for just about everything else these days, so why not space travel?

Scott Kelly's year in space memoir picked up for film deal by Sony
Sep 14, 2016

Now that’s he’s finally back on Earth, astronaut Scott Kelly has been prepping a memoir about the year he spent aboard the International Space Station (ISS) — and it looks like his tale will also be coming to the big screen.

NASA may need to reroute Curiosity rover to avoid contaminating potential water site
Sep 9, 2016

The main goal of NASA’s Curiosity rover mission is to delve into the secrets of the Red Planet — and one of the big ones is trying to prove definitively that there really is water on Mars. Well, the odds are looking up, but Curiosity could need a reroute to avoid contaminating the site.

Scientists just found a 3.7 billion-year-old fossil on Earth, which could improve our odds for finding life on Mars
Sep 8, 2016

The search continues for life on Mars — but some new findings on Earth might have significantly improved our odds of finding something on the Red Planet.

See Juno's first jaw-dropping images of Jupiter's turbulent southern auroras
Sep 6, 2016

Here's the newest close-up sounds and images of the gas giant from NASA's Juno spacecraft.