Disney teasing Beta Ray Bill, Sub-Mariner easter eggs in new Guardians ride

It’s all connected, and while the new Guardians of the Galaxy-themed Disneyland ride isn’t technically within the MCU, it does include some nods to some interesting pieces of the Marvel universe.

Rumor of the Day: Namor may finally be joining the MCU
Feb 17, 2017

Yesterday, a rumor started making the rounds that Marvel was planning to film a Namor/Sub-Mariner project in Hawaii. Today, more evidence has emerged, pointing a webbed finger to the fact that stuff could be about to get real.

Rumor of the day: Studio prepping movie based on Marvel's Namor for 2016
May 16, 2014

Word broke recently that Legendary Pictures and Universal are prepping a major, secret tentpole movie to open Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 — and it might just be a Marvel movie.