my little pony

My Little Pony gets a Mad Max makeover in these mildly disturbing Fury Road mashup toys
Jun 4, 2015

Immortan Joe and the gang get the magical pony metamorphosis they all deserve!

Guy says he got fired for liking My Little Pony too much
Sep 30, 2013

Sure, being a thirty-something Brony might make you a little unusual, but is it enough to make you unemployed, too?

Image of the Day: Geekiest New York Times correction EVER
Dec 16, 2012

Image of the Day: Geekiest New York Times correction EVER

4 insane mashups of Dr. Horrible and ... My Little Pony?
Dec 14, 2012

We've seen some pretty astonishing mashups. Tron and Willy Wonka. Sucker Punch and Disney princesses. Star Wars and just about everything. The latest to blow our minds, which sends up Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, comes from a completely unexpected, crazy random source: My Little Pony.

Watchmen + My Little Pony = one disturbing but riveting mashup
Dec 14, 2012

Twilight Sparkle as Dr. Manhattan? (Or is that ... Dr. Mane-hattan?) Rainbow Dash as The Comedian? If the sound of that makes you feel a little uneasy ... same here! But never mind. There's something about this Watchmen/My Little Pony mashup that makes us want to watch ... Ponymen.