Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover lands director, airdate set
Jan 21, 2017

The first details on the long-awaited Supergirl and The Flash musical crossover have started to leak out, and now the two-parter officially has an airdate.  

Move over Buffy: Fringe does a musical!
Jun 26, 2015

The Fox sci-fi series will unveil a musical episode in May. Once more with feeling?

Watch WTF video of Wolverine: The Musical... with puppets!
Jul 17, 2013

Seems everything's better with puppets, especially the cranky, cigar-chomping X-Man.

Game of Thrones cast attempts to sing own theme song, hilarity ensues
Mar 22, 2013

Have you ever tried to sing a tune that doesn't have any actual lyrics? Doesn't usually turn out well, does it?

The cool thing Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark did for autistic kids
Feb 7, 2013

The big-budget Spider-Man musical is getting an overhaul, but it's not quite what you think.

Predator: The Musical (yes, really) could teach Spidey a few things
Dec 14, 2012

Namely, how to rock a catchy intertwining melody without gravely injuring the cast. This, the final chapter of Jon and Al Kaplan's Schwarzenegger Cycle, swings with the toe-tapping, Predator-trapping ditty, "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It."

Sexy new pics from Fringe's 'noir' musical episode!
Dec 14, 2012

We've got a bunch of new images from the upcoming musical episode of Fox's Fringe.