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Netflix's sci-fi afterlife movie The Discovery gets a new trailer

What would happen if we had scientific proof that the afterlife does exist? That death is not finite? That's what Netflix's upcoming original movie The Discovery sets out to explore.

Step into The Void in first teaser for John Carpenter-esque horror movie

"There is a hell. This is worse." A first nightmarish teaser trailer for upcoming horror movie The Void has emerged.

Behold the magic of the latest trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Warner Bros. has released an exciting new trailer for Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, featuring plenty of new footage.

Life turns deadly for Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal in new trailer

The latest trailer not only includes some cool new footage but also something that's been MIA from the previous offerings: some moments of levity (which are set to "Spirit in the Sky," at that).

The more ScarJo the merrier in latest Ghost in the Shell trailer

Paramount Pictures has released a new full-length trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Ghost in the Shell.

Be careful what you wish for in first trailer for horror flick Wish Upon

Broad Green Pictures has released the first teaser trailer for Wish Upon, the new horror film from Annabelle director John R. Leonetti.

Joel Edgerton faces malevolent forces in first teaser for It Comes at Night

The studio that gave us The Witch and Green Room is back at it again with It Comes at Night.

Everything is awesome with first LEGO Ninjago Movie teaser and official pics

Warner Bros. has released the first tantalizing teaser trailer as well as three official stills from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Kill or be killed in latest intense trailer for James Gunn’s The Belko Experiment
Jan 19, 2017

Even though he's got his hands full with all things Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn took the time to write a horror flick called The Belko Experiment. Have a look at the latest cray-zee trailer.

The afterlife is real in freaky trailer for Netflix original movie The Discovery
Jan 19, 2017

Netflix has been churning out original movies and series like crazy in the past couple of months ... and it's showing no signs of slowing down as the streaming giant has unveiled the trailer for one of their newest (and weirdest) upcoming offerings yet: The Discovery.

New Power Rangers trailer reveals first official look at Bryan Cranston as Zordon
Jan 19, 2017

It's Morphin' Time! Lionsgate has dropped a new action-packed trailer for their upcoming Power Rangers movie.