Sony's making a horror movie about a killer app (and it's not called Killer App)
Feb 8, 2017

Sony is ramping up development on a new horror film aimed at the cellphone crowd, which should make for a literal killer app.

Rumor of the Day: Here are the three female directors on the short list for Captain Marvel
Aug 24, 2016

We already know who’ll be starring as Carol Danvers in the big-screen version of Captain Marvel, but the studio still hasn’t decided who will actually be in charge of bringing the film to life. Well, the list has reportedly been trimmed to three.

Warner Brothers to make Lego movie
Jul 4, 2015

Warner Brothers and producer Roy Lee are developing a movie based on the Lego toy line.

Ass-kicking priests comic The Order coming to the big screen
Jun 26, 2015

Vatican priests with a penchant for the paranormal may be coming to a theater near you soon, as the graphic novel The Order has officially been optioned for a movie deal.

Former Disney artists keeping hand-drawn animation alive with new crowdfunded, steampunk indie film
Sep 3, 2014

It’s been a long time since a major studio put forward the time and money to make a hand-drawn film, so a team of former Disney and DreamWorks are taking it upon themselves.

Batman's back in 1st tense clip from The Dark Knight Returns
Dec 17, 2012

The first footage from the new animated adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns has been released, and even a few of Gotham's finest are glad to see the Caped Crusader is back on the case.

Long-rumored Metal Gear Solid movie FINALLY happening
Dec 17, 2012

After years of rumors and false starts, it seems one of the most iconic video game franchises ever created is finally coming to the big screen. Terrorists, look out, because Solid Snake is on the case.

Marvel's New Mutants could be the next big-screen comic franchise
Dec 17, 2012

If you're looking to make a hit movie, and you work at Fox, you don't have to look too far. Between a hit trilogy, the Wolverine flick, and the buzzy prequel First Class, X-Men is a proven commodity—and they want to milk it for all its worth.

Hulk cologne + 14 more bizarre sci-fi movie tie-in products
Dec 17, 2012

People like movies, and people like stuff. It didn't take much to put the two together, and nowadays huge tie-in marketing campaigns are to be expected with hit movies. But that doesn't mean they all make sense.

18 brilliantly minimalist sci-fi movie posters
Dec 14, 2012

Minimalist sci-fi movie posters by Pedro Vidotto for Iron Man, The Matrix, Twilight, Avatar, Beetlejuice, and more.

Fox making Martian Chronicles film with I, Robot producer. Um...
Dec 14, 2012

Fox has optioned Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles" with "I, Robot" producer John Davis to make into a blockbuster movie, possibly in 3-D.

Stars signed for Kyle Newman's Emo Boy flick
Dec 14, 2012

Lucas Cruikshank and Jaimie King have signed on for Kyle Newman's adaptation of Stephen Emond's Emo Boy comic book.