Mortal Kombat X

Leatherface unleashes fresh hell in new Mortal Kombat X DLC gameplay trailer
Jan 13, 2016

Watch Leatherface beat down a brutal Alien xenomorph in this latest Mortal Kombat X add-on teaser.

Predator debones attackers in this brutal new Mortal Kombat X DLC trailer
Jul 7, 2015

MK gamers can join the Predator's tribe, and here's the teaser to show you why you'll want to.

Exclusive Preview: Mortal Kombat X #26
Jun 26, 2015

Mileena vs. Skarlet! Reiko vs. Kotal Kahn! The brawl for it all continues as a surprise new character joins the fray!

Prime yourself for punishment with two gory Mortal Kombat X preview clips
Mar 31, 2015

Watch an insane onslaught of bloodthirsty warriors battle it out in EarthRealm, and realize this game has come a long way since the Sega Genesis days.