Morgan Freeman

Scarlett Johansson's a superpowered drug mule in Lucy trailer
Apr 2, 2014

Who needs Marvel superheroes when you've got Lucy? Scarlett Johansson is a woman with godlike powers on a mission in Luc Besson's latest.

Morgan Freeman on Batman 3 villains: There may be more than one
Dec 14, 2012

How can Batman 3 possibly top The Dark Knight? One of the deciding factors will surely be the choice of villain ... or should that be villains? Because as we all debate which bad guy director Christopher Nolan should choose, Morgan Freeman just hinted that Nolan may end up choosing more than one.

Morgan Freeman insists Rendezvous With Rama WILL get made
Dec 14, 2012

Morgan Freeman has been trying to get an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's first-contact classic Rendezvous with Rama made for almost 20 years—with David Fincher on board to direct—and the Oscar-winner says he's closer than ever.

Brilliant Morgan Freeman 'Chain of Command' chart!
Dec 14, 2012

If you doubt that Morgan Freeman rules the universe, check out this handy chart.