Why the moon could be a galactic goldmine

Elusive resources are making futuristic startups see dollar signs on the moon.

NASA shoots for the moon as launchpad for future Mars missions

The Deep Space Gateway sounds like something out of The Jetsons, but could be the ultimate lunar test site.

NASA might run out of space suits before we can get to Mars

With all the focus on developing everything from the space ships to the rockets that will eventually get us to Mars, it seems another piece of the puzzle has fallen by the wayside.

Will our moon join the planet club?
Mar 27, 2017

If one scientist’s proposal is convincing enough, we could be looking at the planet Luna.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wants to colonize the moon
Mar 10, 2017

The space exploratory focus is slowly shifting back to the moon, and now Jeff Bezos' space firm Blue Origin is making a pitch to be a key player in the process. Put simply: Blue Origin wants to help colonize the moon.

Private space stations could orbit the moon as soon as 2020
Mar 9, 2017

NASA will be working off a slightly larger budget this year, and it seems the space agency might soon pave the way for a few way stations around the moon.

Proposed space mission aims to brew beer on the moon
Jan 25, 2017

Will future moon colonists be able to kick back after a hard day of exploring and have a cold one?

The moon is much older than it previously let on
Jan 18, 2017

Scientists have finally found out the real age of the moon, and it wasn’t through birth records.

The moon may have formed from the merging of smaller moonlets
Jan 13, 2017

For a long time, scientists have largely believed the moon was created by a major collision between Earth and an early protoplanet around 4.4 billion years ago. But some new evidence indicates we might’ve had it wrong.

Two of Google's Lunar X Prize projects have officially booked a ride to the moon
Dec 21, 2016

The private space industry is helping lead the charge to the stars, and two leading projects from Google’s Lunar X contest have officially booked a ride to the moon.

That’s no moon. That’s a supermoon
Nov 13, 2016

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … supermoon.

Duncan Jones' new 'sci-fi Casablanca' film Mute connects to his indie hit Moon
Sep 22, 2016

Though a sequel to Warcraft remains on the bubble, director Duncan Jones is keeping busy with a project a bit closer to his usual wheelhouse: A smaller sci-fi story with an intriguing plot. Oh, and fans of his previous hit Moon should be psyched.

How moon rocks might've just revealed a supernova blasted Earth millions of years ago
Apr 20, 2016

It’s been decades since we brought moon rocks back to Earth, but those Apollo-era artifacts still have a few secrets left to tell.