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NBC launches a new comedy streaming service called SEESO. Check it out for free
Dec 13, 2015

If you were looking for some great comedy movies or TV series to brighten your holidays, we've got just the thing.

Terry Gilliam apologizes...for dying
Sep 9, 2015

The world responded in shock and grief on Tuesday when it was revealed that legendary filmmaker Terry Gilliam had died.

Simon Pegg channels Shaun of the Dead in new clip from Absolutely Anything
Aug 5, 2015

Simon Pegg has an intriguing new comedy film on the way, and the latest clip brings back some beloved nostalgia for Shaun of the Dead. Well played.

Simon Pegg and Monty Python team up in first trailer for sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything
May 4, 2015

What do you get when you combine Simon Pegg, several Monty Python members, the late Robin Williams and Kate Beckinsale into an ambitiously weird sci-fi comedy?

Monty Python + Robin Williams = completely different sci-fi flick
Dec 16, 2012

It's the Holy Grail of reunions! The surviving members of the legendary Monty Python troupe are coming together for the first time in almost 15 years to make a sci-fi farce that'll combine CG and live action, dogs and aliens, complete with, I'm sure, a silly walk or two.

Eric Idle says stories of a Python sci-fi reunion are 'just bollocks'
Dec 16, 2012

Remember a few days ago, when we all got a bit excited at the prospect of the surviving members of Monty Python reuniting to make a sci-fi farce called Absolutely Anything? Apparently, it's time for a dose of "not so fast."