New Monsters trailer finally shows us MONSTERS! (7 screen grabs)
Jul 4, 2015

There's a new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film Monsters and we finally get a glimpse of the actual monsters from the flick. You can briefly see them in the trailer below, and we took some screen grabs for you so you can get a slightly better look.

Universal developing a new Wolf Man movie that will follow 2016's The Mummy
Nov 12, 2014

Dracula Untold unofficially kicked things off, but Universal’s new monster universe begins in earnest with 2016’s The Mummy — and now we know what’s coming after that.

Godzilla's Children: The movie monsters inspired by the big G
May 13, 2014

There's no doubt about it, Godzilla is the King of the Monsters. And like any good king, he's spawned many, many heirs.

Watch Fringe cast share which episodes freaked them out most
Jan 14, 2013

Though it's evolved into everything from a battle against an alternate dimension to a full-on war for the future of humanity, Fox's Fringe is likely most beloved for it's truly freaky freaks of the week. With the final season winding down, the cast has opened up about which baddie-of-the-week actually made them a little sick.

Gruesome Halloween costume ideas from 25 terrifying cosplayers
Dec 17, 2012

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start looking for that perfectly terrifying costume. For those who want to take it to the next horrifying level, these examples are a perfect place to start.

Disguised Montana bigfoot hoaxer killed pulling roadside prank
Dec 17, 2012

Adults (and kids), please don't try this at home. A 44-year-old man trying to trick people into thinking he was a strolling Sasquatch met a grisly end near Kalispell, Montana Sunday night. Exactly how and why is almost too hard to believe.

1st creepy/cheesy trailer for wild giant alien space spiders movie
Dec 17, 2012

Got bug problems? If so, we're sure it's nothing like these monstrous space arachnids biting the Big Apple. Watch this crazy-crawly teaser and have a tall can of Raid handy in case of emergency.

16 big monster finds that turned out to be big monster fakes
Dec 17, 2012

Syfy's Fact or Faked (which returned last night at 9/8C) has seen its share of paranormal fakery—but such hoaxes are nothing new. People have been suckering us into believing in monsters for centuries. To celebrate the show's return, we're taking a look back at some of the biggest monster hoaxes in history.

Guillermo del Toro is giddy about his monsterfest Pacific Rim
Dec 15, 2012

The Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth filmmaker has just started production on his latest—the giant monsters vs. giant robots showdown, Pacific Rim—and his level of excitement is contagious.

Kid sells 3,000 drawings of monsters to fund his cancer treatment
Dec 14, 2012

If you've been feeling down so far today, here's a story that should cheer you up—a 5-year-old boy unable to afford his cancer treatments just raised the bucks needed to save his life ... by selling 3,000 too-cute-for words drawings of monsters.

19 classic movie monsters scientists created by screwing up BIG
Dec 14, 2012

If there's one thing we've earned from sci-fi movies, it's that when scientists screw up, they tend to screw up BIG. From the original Frankenstein to the upcoming prequels for Planet of the Apes and The Thing, Hollywood has been fascinated by the notion that we are just one scientific malfunction away from doom.

New Monsters trailer chills with freaky alien invasion
Dec 14, 2012

Looks like this is the month for alien invasion trailers. Last week we saw one for the low budget Skyline, and this week comes another for the even lower budget (how can that be possible?) Monsters from director Gareth Edwards. But never has an alien invasion looked so awesome for so little.

Hideous new mystery creature finally ID'd (maybe)
Dec 14, 2012

The naked face, the white eyes, the teeth—simply put, this animal is un-fur-get-able.