Mockingbird Lane

Development Hell: 11 TV shows we're probably not gonna see this fall
Feb 6, 2013

For all the shows that actually make it on the air, there are dozens more that stall out in development hell.

NBC officially makes decision on Bryan Fuller's Mockingbird Lane
Jan 14, 2013

It's taken years to get here, but we finally know the fate of Bryan Fuller's Mockingbird Lane series. So what's next for the long-delayed Munsters reboot?

Concept art shows how much freakier the Munsters could have been
Jan 14, 2013

The intriguing pilot for Bryan Fuller's (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me) modern day reboot of The Munsters came and went as a TV-movie a few weeks ago—but it turns out Mockingbird Lane was originally a lot darker than what made it to screen.

Bryan Fuller: Don't believe what you heard about Munsters reboot
Dec 17, 2012

Word on the street is that Bryan Fuller's Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, has been given the chop before its pilot even aired on NBC. That's what everyone heard. Everyone, that is, except for Bryan Fuller.

NBC finally decides fate of Bryan Fuller's troubled Munsters reboot
Dec 17, 2012

The long, arduous tale of Bryan Fuller's (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal) upcoming Munsters reboot has been well-documented, with the latest news hinting that it may not be long for this world. Now, we finally have our answer.

Meet the new Munsters in 1st official Mockingbird Lane footage
Dec 17, 2012

Hot on the heels of those awesome Mockingbird Lane official pics, NBC has released the first footage from that Munsters reboot and it looks ... well, actually pretty darn fantastic.

Bryan Fuller: You'll demand more Mockingbird Lane after the pilot
Dec 17, 2012

We finally learned last week, after months of waiting, that the pilot for NBC's Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane would get the one-off Halloween special treatment rather than a full series pickup. But according to creator Bryan Fuller, it's not over yet, and you'll think so too after you see the special.

A Munster gets a makeover in pic that teases Mockingbird Lane twist
Dec 17, 2012

In a couple of weeks, NBC will finally unveil Mockingbird Lane. But before the Munsters return to television, check out this revealing new promo image. It's a family portrait that hints at a major plot twist.

TV THIS WEEK: An Alphas farewell, a Munsters reboot + much more
Dec 17, 2012

Alphas signs off for its second season with a little help from Summer Glau, The Munsters is reborn as Mockingbird Lane, and DC's Deadbolt arrives to challenge Arrow.

Grandpa and Lily Munster shape-shift in new Mockingbird Lane clip
Dec 17, 2012

Brace yourselves, the Munsters are moving in. This week, NBC airs their pilot turned Halloween special Mockingbird Lane. And o prepare for the event, they've released a clip highlighting the clan's most bloodthirsty members.

Spot the classic Herman Munster homage in new Mockingbird Lane clip
Dec 17, 2012

Yesterday, NBC released new footage from their Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. It introduced Grandpa and Lily Munster in all their supernatural glory. Today, we have another clip that highlights Lily's other half—Herman.

The Munsters do 'monstrous things' in new Mockingbird Lane featurette
Dec 17, 2012

The Munsters are back, and they're at the center of a Halloween special called Mockingbird Lane. NBC's released a new featurette that takes us behind the scenes of the spooky reboot.

1st look at Bryan Fuller's new Munsters from Mockingbird Lane
Dec 17, 2012

Are you ready for the new Munsters? You're in luck, because a leaked photo featuring the cast of Mockingbird Lane has debuted online. It gives us a rough look at Herman, Lily, Eddie and Marilyn Munster, plus their vampy grandpa.