How science can tell when dudes are pretending to be women on MMORPGs
May 8, 2014

When you're adventuring as a player-designed character in an open-world, online role-playing game, you can be anyone. Chances are, however, that you'll still play like, well, yourself.

Gaming granny sues videogame company for $28k over destroyed virtual sword
Oct 23, 2013

They take their games very seriously in South Korea, even the grannies.

There's a Firefly MMORPG in the works? Yes! (Or is it just a hoax?)
Jan 22, 2013

Have you been to a convention recently? If you have, you'll no doubt see that Firefly cosplaying continues to be EVERYWHERE. So it should come as no surprise that there's a huge desire to play in that universe. Which is exactly where there's an MMO coming out. Or is there?