MIT scientists are training AI to scare people. It's called Nightmare Machine. This will end well.
Oct 26, 2016

As if science fiction didn’t already give us enough lingering fear that artificial intelligence might someday rise up and kill us all, researchers at MIT are literally training one to scare us. Happy Halloween?

MIT has developed smart tattoos that can control technology
Aug 15, 2016

Talk about the ultimate in wearable technology — how about your own skin?

Researchers at MIT have built a robot with subtle, human reflexes
Aug 11, 2015

Robots might be the future of, well, everything — but they still have trouble pulling off some of the more subtle things that make us mere mortals so unique. Well, a team at MIT is one step closer to making us all obsolete.

Awesome, origami robot destroys itself when finished with its mission
Jun 1, 2015

Sure, we’ve all seen the up-and-coming androids and robo-pets — but what about creative robots of the itty-bitty variety? This origami-inspired robot should definitely fit the bill.


This is awesome: Scientists just figured out how to set up wi-fi on the moon
Jun 2, 2014

We might still be working out all the private spaceflight details of getting humans back up on the moon, but when we finally do arrive, there will already be wi-fi. Phew!

MIT hacker turns an entire building into a playable game of Tetris
Dec 17, 2012

Apparently, going to one of the world's finest technical institutes isn't enough for some people. So they turn to vandalism of the most excellent variety, turning a campus building into a playable version of a classic videogame. Turns out some men just want to watch the world turn.

Study says an evil you could live in a mirror universe! (sort of)
Dec 14, 2012

An MIT study confirms the possibility that life not unlike our own could exist in parallel universes.