The Mist

Enter Spike's The Mist in new look at Stephen King TV series

Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, Spike’s The Mist is slated to debut next month. To whet our appetite for the upcoming series, a behind-the-scenes look has dropped.

New trailer for Stephen King's The Mist will warp your sanity

The body count rises as the second trailer for The Mist reveals ghastly phenomena.

First eerie trailer for Stephen King TV series The Mist rolls in
Apr 12, 2017

“There’s something in the mist.” Spike has revealed a first eerie trailer and a batch of foreboding pics for their upcoming TV series The Mist.

The Mist producer on Fargo influences, how they'll end the Spike TV adaptation
Jan 16, 2017

Spike has been experimenting with original programming as of late, and one of the most ambitious projects is a small-screen spin on Stephen King’s The Mist. How do you break that story into an ongoing series?

Stephen King's The Mist is becoming a TV series
Sep 16, 2015

Just when you thought we were going into a Stephen King drought on TV ...

Looks like Sin City and The Mist are both being turned into TV series
Dec 2, 2013

The box office has always been a popular talent pool when it comes to picking potential TV properties — and it sounds like two more fan favorites will soon be heading to the small screen.