Misha Collins

Supernatural star calls The CW series 'gratuitously misogynistic'

The CW’s long-running series Supernatural has always been about the boys, but now one of the co-stars is speaking out about the lack of strong, female characters.

It's official: Beloved Supernatural co-star back as regular in S9

One Supernatural fan favorite will be sticking around permanently next season.

Misha Collins: Castiel has more 'significant' role in Supernatural S8

For a show that's supposed to be about two demon-hunting brothers on the road, The CW's Supernatural has grown to include an excellent ensemble cast. Among the best additions? Their angel buddy Castiel (Misha Collins), who has developed into a true fan favorite.

Supernatural star says Castiel will be 'put through the wringer'

It's been a long, lonely season for the Winchester brothers on The CW's Supernatural—but their old angel buddy Castiel will be back soon. But how? Spoiler alert!

Yes! Castiel will return to Supernatural for 3 episodes next year

Supernatural may still be alive and kicking in its seventh season without everyone's favorite trench-coated angel, but every fan of the show has the same question on their minds—When is Castiel coming back? Today, we finally get our answer.

Supernatural's Castiel teases he could be back for the long haul

Everyone's favorite angel on The CW's Supernatural, Castiel, has been M.I.A. for much of the season—but actor Misha Collins says all that will change soon. Spoilers ahead!

Rumor of the Day: Supernatural to Return WITHOUT Castiel

Is this adios, mishamigos? We reported yesterday that Supernatural got the early nod for its seventh season, but it looks as though maybe not everyone will return. Castiel (as played by the much beloved Misha Collins) has been rumored to be departing.

Supernatural angel Misha Collins reveals season-ending spoilers

The actor who plays Castiel says he will kick some ass and take some names.

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The two new regular cast members talk about what's coming up in Supernatural's new season.