The U.S. military has developed an AI pilot that can beat humans in combat
Jul 4, 2016

Well, if Skynet is looking for a fighter pilot, the U.S. Air Force seems happy to oblige.

Check out this vintage, HD restored footage from the Atlas missile's 1961 explosion
Mar 31, 2015

Way back in 1961, an Atlas missile exploded at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast. It’s taken more than 50 years, but footage of that failed test has been restored.

U.S. military's cutting-edge Big Dog robot project gets its debut in the field
Jul 14, 2014

The U.S. military has been working on its own robotic pack-mule project, Big Dog, for a while, and now they’re finally unleashed the massive robo-pup into the field.

U.S. gov't turning to Hollywood for help making real-life Iron Man suit
Jul 8, 2014

The U.S. military has been developing its very own real-life Iron Man for a while — and now they’re turning to the folks who actually made the movie suit for help.

Look out, War Machine: U.S. gov't getting ready to unveil its 'Iron Man' project
May 21, 2014

We heard a few months ago that the military was working on a rudimentary version of Iron Man armor, and now they’re getting ready to debut the first generation of the project.