Image of the Day: Find out where in Middle-earth you belong with this handy flowchart
Dec 12, 2016

Ever wonder where you might best fit in in the realms of J.R.R. Tolkien's sprawling Middle-earth? Well, wonder no more, fellow adventurer!

Image(s) of the Day: That time the Doctor visited Middle-earth
Nov 30, 2015

Two of the biggest fantasy franchises of all time collided when Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi materialized in Hobbiton, Middle-earth.

The Shire and Middle-earth are heading to Spain as a new theme park
Feb 27, 2015

A planned Lord of The Rings and Hobbit-inspired theme park will make you feel like Bilbo Baggins. 

Guy spends 3 years building Minas Tirith out of 420,000 matches
Dec 14, 2012

Patrick Acton too almost three years to complete his model, which contains hundreds of city buildings and is topped with the Citadel, the Tree of Gondor and the White Tower of Ecthelion.