Atriox and The Banished attack in new Halo Wars 2 launch trailer
Feb 6, 2017

Here's the laser-blasting new launch trailer for the long-delayed  Halo Wars 2.

Alien-fighting Gears of War video game coming to the big screen
Oct 6, 2016

The hit video game series Gears of War is coming to the big screen, and the folks behind the video game are playing a role in making it happen.

Microsoft created an AI to learn from how we tweet, it immediately became racist
Mar 25, 2016

Some techs at Microsoft decided to build an AI that would learn how to speak by studying how we communicate on Twitter. It took 24 hours for it to become a racist nut job. If anything, it’s surprising it took that long.

Microsoft experimenting with high-tech, underwater data centers to beat the heat
Feb 2, 2016

The world runs on computers, but anyone who has ever had their legs scorched by a 110-degree laptop knows that tech puts off some major heat. Now the folks at Microsoft are thinking outside (and under) the box to keep those ultra-hot data centers chilled.

First details on Ridley Scott's new low-budget Xbox TV series, Halo Nightfall
Jun 9, 2014

Yes, Spielberg’s big-budget Halo project is getting most of the attention, but fellow sci-fi heavyweight Ridley Scott is prepping his own take on Microsoft’s hit.

Ridley Scott is prepping ANOTHER Halo TV series for Xbox Live
Apr 3, 2014

With one big-budget Halo series already in the works from Steven Spielberg, Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform is prepping another project based on the hit videogame franchise.

Microsoft responds to rumor Ridley Scott is making a big-screen Halo movie
Jan 15, 2014

With a TV series already on the way, a new rumor has been making the rounds that Ridley Scott is developing a big-screen film based on the hit Halo video game franchise.

Gov't agencies have been hunting terrorists in World of Warcraft. Seriously.
Dec 9, 2013

It turns out that, while you were raiding, multiple governments around the world were raiding with you.

Microsoft exec responds to all those Blake's 7 reboot rumors
Aug 28, 2013

There’s been a lot of buzz lately that Microsoft planned to reboot Blake’s 7 as an Xbox exclusive series — but apparently nobody bothered to tell Microsoft it was happening.

Remember that Blake's 7 reboot? Looks like we'll be watching it on Xbox Live
Aug 15, 2013

We’ve been hearing that a Blake’s 7 reboot is in the works for a while now, but now it sounds like it might've found a new home.

At last! Microsoft has figured out how to get a Halo movie made
Dec 17, 2012

Six years ago, Microsoft tried to team with Hollywood to bring blockbuster video game franchise Halo to the big screen. Things didn't work out so well, but now Microsoft's trying again, and this time they're pushing Hollywood aside and delivering the flick straight to fans.

New book details the development hell that killed the Halo movie
Dec 17, 2012

It's been nearly five years since the Peter Jackson-produced big-screen adaptation of the massively popular video game franchise Halo breathed its last. It could have been the biggest movie ever, bigger even that James Cameron's Avatar, so why did it die? According to a new book on video games in Hollywood, if you want somewhere to lay the blame, the only place to turn is Halo's owner, Microsoft.

U.S. judge recommends banning the sale of Xbox 360 (But why?)
Dec 17, 2012

Fans of the Xbox 360 may be out of luck soon, as a new court ruling could see the popular videogame console yanked from store shelves—that is, unless President Barack Obama saves it. Huh?