Michelle Trachtenberg

Buffy's Michelle Trachtenberg joins Sleepy Hollow in first 9 pics from 2015 premiere
Dec 22, 2014

The second season of Fox’s surprise hit Sleepy Hollow hasn’t been quite as good as year one, but it started to ramp back up with the midseason finale. Now we have our first look at the 2015 return.

Katie Cassidy, Eliza Dushku + Michelle Trachtenberg team up in trailer for The Scribbler
Jul 31, 2014

It seems like all your favorite female sci-fi stars are coming together in one very cool-looking new cyberpunk flick. Say hello to The Scribbler.

17 Again dodges creepiness with Michelle Trachtenberg
Dec 14, 2012

Michelle Trachtenberg was cast because she had no chemistry with star Zac Efron.