Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez had secretly joined the cast of Alita: Battle Angel
Feb 23, 2017

Filming may have just wrapped on Alita: Battle Angel, but we're just learning now that Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez has re-teamed with her Machete and Machete Kills director Robert Rodriguez for the upcoming film.

RE 5 director explains why Michelle Rodriguez couldn't stay dead
Dec 17, 2012

Director Paul W.S. Anderson has made a career out of Resident Evil movies, and with the fifth installment just a few weeks away, he said he needed something special to make Retribution stand out. So, he decided to bring one of his favorite characters back to life.

Resident Evil: Retribution's gals are packing heat in 5 new photos
Dec 17, 2012

The ladies of Resident Evil: Retribution are locked and loaded. They appear in five new photos alongside series newcomer, Leon. Watch out—because Jill, Ada and Rain are ready to kill now and talk later.

Michelle Rodriguez back to kick butt for Resident Evil 5
Dec 15, 2012

Unlike Lost, dead isn't dead in the Resident Evil universe. Zombies walk around freely and in Resident Evil: Retribution they come back to life. And Michelle Rodriguez—who appeared in the original 2002 film—is back, reprising her role as Rain Ocampo in the sequel.

Prepare your scuba gear: Avatar 2 will be set underwater
Dec 14, 2012

Actress Michelle Rodriguez's tough cookie pilot character may have died in Avatar, but that didn't stop the actress from revealing where the second film would take place—namely underwater. And if the movie's 3-D is as convincing as the first film's, maybe we should all get our scuba gears ready. Just in case.

Aaron Eckhart: How I swayed the studio to film Battle: Los Angeles [Video]
Dec 14, 2012

If Battle: Los Angeles, which opens Friday, ends up being a hit, there'll be some who'll say that the alien invasion movie was a sure thing. But as Aaron Eckhart explains, he and Jonathan Liebesman had to do a hard sell before the studio would greenlight their film.

6 reasons Battle: Los Angeles could be the next Aliens
Dec 14, 2012

Now we're not saying this new movie could be BETTER than Aliens. That's crazy talk. James Cameron's space war epic is the ultimate alien battle movie. But it couldn't hurt to have another one to watch, like if your Aliens DVD gets stuck in the player or something. What Battle: Los Angeles is starting to sound like is the next great alien battle movie.

New Battle: Los Angeles poster declares war on our eyeballs
Dec 14, 2012

We've been watching the skies the way those old sci-fi flicks said we should, and what we've been seeing there doesn't look too good for our future. The latest distressing view of those skies comes thanks to Battle: Los Angeles—and we're sure glad we're only seeing the alien invasion in this chilling new poster, and not up above.

Michelle Rodriguez is pissed about Machete. In a good way
Dec 14, 2012

The Avatar star reveals a bit about Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete.