Michael Ironside

DC TV: Michael Ironside joins The Flash, Peter Facinelli signs on for Supergirl
Jul 16, 2015

DC has a ton of shows on television these days, and a few of them are beefing up their supporting casts this summer. So, what are the latest additions?

Watch the first teaser trailer for the post-apocalyptic Turbo Kid movie...set in 1997
Jan 28, 2015

The official teaser trailer for Turbo Kid has been released, sending us happily spiraling down the path of a full-on 1990s nostalgia trip.

Actor Michael Ironside on his new movie Extraterrestrial, Total Recall, Starship Troopers and more
Nov 20, 2014

Canadian-born actor Michael Ironside has been making movies since 1977, and has appeared in some of sci-fi's finest films.