Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn on his Captain Worf series and doing his 'own kind of Star Trek'
Dec 16, 2015

Now that CBS is beaming up a brand-new Star Trek series, where does that leave Michael Dorn's plans for Captain Worf?

How Michael Dorn hopes to keep his Worf series alive despite a new Trek TV show
Nov 19, 2015

Star Trek is coming back to TV without Michael Dorn, but that doesn't mean he's given up hope on his own series.

Michael Dorn reveals the title of his Star Trek: Captain Worf series
Jun 29, 2015

Here's the title Michael Dorn has boldly chosen for his proposed Star Trek TV series.

Here are the Star Trek characters Michael Dorn wants back for his proposed Captain Worf series
Jun 16, 2015

Michael Dorn had more intriguing details to give about the Captain Worf  TV series he's been shopping around.

Michael Dorn updates us on his proposed Capt. Worf series and reveals intriguing plot details
Jun 1, 2015

We’ve known for a while that Star Trek's Michael Dorn's been pushing for his own Captain Worf series. And now we have some very cool plot details.

Michael Dorn reveals his Capt. Worf Star Trek TV series is 'not dead yet'
Aug 20, 2013

Still waiting for that Worf-centric Star Trek TV series? Well, we may be in luck, because Michael Dorn says that it’s “not dead yet.”

Michael Dorn has something to say about rumors of a Trek Worf series
Mar 7, 2013

Remember that Worf-centric Star Trek pic we were all excited about last year? Well, the odds are not so good.

Michael Dorn spills the latest on his Worf-centric Trek spinoff
Dec 17, 2012

Earlier this year we heard that Star Trek: The Next Generation star and everyone's favorite Klingon Michael Dorn was pitching a new Trek flick centered on his character, Worf. We've already seen how fans have responded to the idea, but what about Hollywood?

Trek's Michael Dorn turns werewolf in revived Castlevania movie
Dec 17, 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine's Michael Dorn may be busy working on his own Worf-centric Trek spin-off, but that doesn't mean the guy has stopped acting elsewhere. In fact, he's got a brand new gig in that (finally, hopefully) revived Castlevania movie.

See Trek's Michael Dorn (briefly) in 1st fan-made Castlevania ep
Dec 17, 2012

The first awesome webisode of the new fan-made series Castlevania: Hymn of Blood is out now and not only is it awesome, but it also features Star Trek: The Next Generation's Michael Dorn in a blink-or-you'll-miss-him appearance at the end of this first episode.

Worf wants you to fund a romantic comedy filled with Star Trek actors
Dec 17, 2012

Last we heard of Star Trek: The Next Generation star Michael Dorn, he was looking for his shot to make a low-budget film chronicling the further adventures of Worf. Well, what he wound up doing is definitely not a Worf flick, but there is a big Star Trek connection.

Why Michael Dorn was skeptical of Stewart as Trek's new captain
Dec 17, 2012

When Star Trek: The Next Generation hit TV screens 25 years ago in 1987, we were all curious as to what type of captain would now be in charge of the brand new starship Enterprise. Would it be a Kirk-type captain again? Or would they go with someone completely different?

Michael Dorn pitching Worf-centric Trek pic: Here's what we know
Dec 17, 2012

Though J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek franchise may be getting all the attention these days, there are still a few other, beloved crews drifting around the galaxy—and Star Trek: The Next Generation star Michael Dorn (Worf) thinks we're long past due to check back in with everyone's favorite Klingon.