Michael Chiklis

TV vet joins Gotham...but is he a good cop or bad cop?
Jul 22, 2015

Is Detective Gordon about to meet his match? There's a new cop in Gotham, and he's giving everyone a run for their money. 

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Michael Chiklis gets his freak on with FX's American Horror Story

Michael Chiklis manages to tell us nothing and everything about his new role as the Strongman in American Horror Story: Freak Show in this Blastr exclusive.

Meet the bearded lady, three-breasted woman in 21 new American Horror Story pics
Sep 15, 2014

The crew behind FX’s horror series America Horror Story is notoriously stingy when it comes to preseason intel, but a boatload of new pics offer our best look yet at the Freak Show.

FX's original heavy returns to join American Horror Story: Carnival
Mar 31, 2014

For year four of American Horror Story, the series has signed one of the network’s original stars. Good news, FX fans, the bada** is back.

Will No Ordinary Family get a 2nd season? Its stars don't think so
Dec 14, 2012

The ABC superhero-family drama is one of this season's "bubble" shows: programs that could be canceled just as easily as it could be renewed. But as fans of the Michael Chiklis-Julie Benz show wait to hear its destiny, the stars are already preparing to jump ship.

ANOTHER superhero show? Here's how ABC's will be different
Dec 14, 2012

So we hear there's going to be a new superhero show coming to television this fall. But what's going to make it different from Heroes, Smallville or next year's The Cape? Uh ... this one's on ABC? Actually, No Ordinary Family has much bigger differences than that.

Michael Chiklis: My 'ass-backwards' path to No Ordinary Family
Dec 14, 2012

These days Emmy Award winning actor Michael Chiklis doesn't mind getting hoisted up 110 feet in the air and dropped or getting run over by a van multiple times. In fact, he's thrilled about his new role as the father of normal family that becomes superpowered on ABC's No Ordinary Family.

Shield's bad cop is ABC's superhero dad, other TV news
Dec 14, 2012

We've got a roundup of TV pilot casting news, starting with a superhero family drama for ABC.

Michael Chiklis scales Olympus and has big plans for the comic
Dec 14, 2012

The actor-turned-mogul has plans to adapt the Greek-god comic-book series.