Michael Bay

Michael Bay confirms directing Transformers 5 and swears its his last one
Don Kaye

Michael Bay really means it this time: This is his last Transformers movie.

It’s official: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will finally introduce Krang
Trent Moore

The initial trailer dropped some major hints, but now we know for sure — this is the villain for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Report: Michael Bay back and Mark Wahlberg to reunite for Transformers 5
Trent Moore

It might be big and dumb, but the Transformers franchise is one of the biggest properties in box-office history — and it sounds like they’ll be keeping the band together for the next sequel.

Transformers 3 blows up Chicago in explosive set video

Why do we go see Michael Bay movies? To see things blow up, of course!

Michael Bay on where Transformers 3 will rampage

Transformers 3 director Michael Bay lets us know where he's planning to shoot.

Transformers 3's Optimus, Bumblebee getting makeovers

Look for subtle changes in the two main Autobots in Michael Bay's upcoming third giant-robot movie.

Here's what Michael Bay says he's gonna change in Transformers 4
Don Kaye

With $2.6 billion earned worldwide at the box office for the first three movies, we all knew that Transformers 4 was inevitable. And now director Michael Bay has a few things to say about it.

What's driving Michael Bay to change the setting for Transformers 4
Trent Moore

We've been hearing a lot about the human characters Michael Bay wants to join Optimus Prime & Co. in the upcoming Transformers 4, and now we know where Bay wants to set the story—but the reason why is most interesting.

Rumor of the day: Leaked script reveals full Transformers 4 plot
Trent Moore

We've heard some scattered tidbits about Michael Bay's non-reboot Transformers 4, but now it looks like the floodgates might've just opened. A fan site says they have a draft of the script, and if it's true, this sounds like the most robot-focused Transformers film yet.

Michael Bay explains what changes we can expect in Transformers 4
Trent Moore

Michael Bay's next Transformers film will definitely be different—with a brand new cast and renewed focus on the 'bots themselves—but just don't call it a reboot. Michael Bay doesn't like that. So what can we expect from the upcoming non-reboot Transformers 4?

Michael Bay has something to say about leaked Transformers 4 script
Trent Moore

Well, that didn't take long. Just a few hours after an alleged script treatment for Michael Bay's Transformers 4 showed up online, the director has taken to the web to respond to the plot points now making the rounds.

With or without Bay, producer says Transformers 4 on track for ...
Don Kaye

Word on the street is that Paramount Pictures wants to release a fourth Transformers movie in 2014 ... whether Michael Bay is directing or not.

Did Bay just open the door for old characters in Transformers 4?
Trent Moore

After three installments, Michael Bay's Transformers franchise is up for a reboot. We still don't know exactly what to expect, though we have been told it'll be a whole new take on the concept. But now it seems a few old faces might be making the transition to the new-look Transformers.