Max Steel

Here's the first US trailer for Mattel's live-action superhero movie Max Steel
Sep 1, 2016

Toy giant Mattel is dipping its toe into the live-action movie business for the first time ever with Max Steel, and, following the release of the first international trailer just last week, the first domestic (U.S.) trailer has finally hit.

First trailer for Mattel's Max Steel is a delicious slice of superhero cheese
Aug 22, 2016

Here's the first semi-exciting trailer for the toy-inspired superhero flick Max Steel.

Get a 1st good look at Max Steel's cool alien costume in 5 new awesome movie stills
Jul 24, 2014

We’ve got a very first good look at the upcoming Max Steel live-action teen-turned-superhero sci-fi flick.

Twilight's 'Jacob' may become a teen superhero next
Dec 14, 2012

Will Taylor Lautner be the next Max Steel? That's the report in the Los Angeles Times.

Why Paramount's toying with a Max Steel movie
Dec 14, 2012

The studio behind Transformers and G.I. Joe is eyeing the Mattel toyline for a movie.