Max Landis

Max Landis' unused Power Rangers script has leaked and you can read it right here
Feb 2, 2017

The upcoming Power Rangers reboot wasn't the first time Hollywood tried to bring the kid-friendly superhero franchise to the big screen. 

An American Werewolf in London remake in the works with Max Landis
Nov 8, 2016

An American Werewolf in London is getting a remake with the original movie director's son at the helm.

The tooth fairy has never been scarier in first trailer for Syfy’s Channel Zero
Aug 19, 2016

Horror is big business these days, and Syfy is getting in on the action with the anthology series Channel Zero. Now we have our first look at footage from the freak-fest.

Watch: Max Landis on the friendship at the heart of his Dirk Gently TV series
Jul 21, 2016

BBC America is gearing up for a new spin on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and we sat down with producer Max Landis to talk about what to expect when it arrives. Put simply: It’s about a perfectly weird friendship, which is something Landis has a bit of familiarity with.

BBC America finally casts its Dirk Gently for the Max Landis series
Mar 30, 2016

Here's who's been cast as everyone's favorite “holistic” detective on BBC America's new Dirk Gently series.

Max Landis adapting Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency for BBC America
Jan 8, 2016

Just a few years removed from a short-lived British adaptation, BBC America has announced a new Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency series, with Max Landis (Chronicle) attached to write it.

Check out 7 pages from Max Landis' new Superman origin comic American Alien
Oct 16, 2015

The man who wrote the script for Chronicle (and a spec script for a Fantastic Four film that sounded better than the one we actually got) is now setting his sights on Superman’s origin story.

Chronicle's Max Landis explains how Batman could take down all of The Avengers
Sep 17, 2015

It’s happened a time or two (with varying degrees of quality), but what fan wouldn’t love to see DC and Marvel's mightiest heroes actually duking it out? Well, if Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis is right, the Justice League might not even need to call in much of the roster.

Max Landis reveals the time-tripping Chronicle sequel pitch we’ll never get to see
Aug 24, 2015

The indie sci-fi flick Chronicle catapulted writer Max Landis and director Josh Trank onto the big stage, and now Landis has revealed the sequels he pitched before the studio replaced him for the followup.

Max Landis’ thoughtful take on Fantastic Four, how Hollywood works
Aug 11, 2015

If there’s anyone who has a unique angle on the fiasco that is Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, it’s his former collaborator, Max Landis. So, what does Landis make of this whole mess?

Opening scene of Chronicle writer's aborted Fantastic 4 script actually looks fantastic
Aug 10, 2015

Before Chronicle director Josh Trank put together his ultra-dark Fantastic Four origin story, his old screenwriter pal Max Landis was hashing out his own take on Marvel’s First Family. Judging by the opening scene, Landis’ version looks like a whole lot more fun.

Chronicle's Max Landis adapting Dirk Gently for BBC America as a new TV series
Aug 5, 2015

Dirk Gently fans, rejoice! BBC America will bring us a brand-new series starring everyone's favorite holistic detective. With a twist.

Hannibal and Chronicle alums teaming up for new Syfy horror series Channel Zero
Jul 1, 2015

In its ongoing effort to offer us fresh new programming, Syfy is gearing up to give us a brand-new horror anthology series, Channel Zero.