Max Brooks

World War Z author's vamps-vs.-zombies comic Extinction Parade coming to TV
Apr 24, 2014

Though it took a few years and a ton of rewrites, Max Brooks' novel World War Z finally made it to the big screen. Here’s hoping his next project happens a little faster.

Is World War Z author set to bring ANOTHER zombie show to TV?
Nov 4, 2013

Are you sick of new zombie shows yet? No? Good, because Max Brooks might be preparing to throw another one at you.

Why World War Z author 'wanted to hate' the movie (and why he didn't)
Jul 20, 2013

Who would've thought a guy who'd kept such a distance from the movie adaptation of his book would've had so much fun watching the flick?

World War Z novelist says the movie kept his title 'and that's it'
May 13, 2013

If you're a fan of the novel that Brad Pitt's zombie vehicle is based on, the author has some bad news for you.