Matt Ryan

Constantine casts a spell in this international trailer for Justice League Dark
Dec 20, 2016

Batman is looking to put together a team of mystic superheroes that includes John Constantine in the new international trailer for Justice League Dark.

John Constantine exposes David Copperfield in new Justice League Dark clip
Dec 14, 2016

Deal yourself into this devilish new clip from DC's Justice League Dark animated feature.

Matt Ryan leads the Justice League Dark as John Constantine in first animated movie trailer
Nov 15, 2016

The first trailer for the newest DC Universe original animated movie Justice League Dark has finally been unleashed. Not only that, but we have news as to the movie's rating.

Fans start online petition for Constantine series DVD release
Apr 4, 2016

NBC’s short-lived Constantine series didn’t light the world on fire ratings-wise, but it did inspire a fervent fanbase before the network decided to pull the plug. 

John Constantine finally hits Star City in new pics, promo footage from Arrow
Oct 29, 2015

The moment Constantine fans have been waiting for is almost here, and now we have a ton of nifty pics and footage from Matt Ryan’s cameo in the Arrow-verse.

Here's how Matt Ryan's John Constantine will fit into Season 4 of Arrow
Aug 15, 2015

Here's how the famous cigaret smoking, trenchcoat wearin' Hellblazer will fit on the CW superhero series.

It's official: Matt Ryan's Constantine is coming to The CW's Arrow
Aug 13, 2015

NBC’s short-lived Constantine series might be officially dead, it seems the namesake Hellblazer will be getting a reprieve this fall on The CW's Arrow. The small screen DC universe is getting a whole lot bigger.

Forget the cancellation, Matt Ryan's Constantine could still crossover to The CW's Arrow
Jul 16, 2015

NBC’s cult favorite Constantine might be gone, but it’s not forgotten. Turns out, former star Matt Ryan might be making the jump over to another DC series.

R.I.P. Constantine: What we learned from the death of NBC's Hellblazer show
Jun 8, 2015

With the show officially dead, we offer a eulogy, and some lessons learned from the supernatural comic-book series. Also: a ray of hope.

Constantine officially done at NBC (but it's not dead yet)
May 8, 2015

Constantine won't be back on NBC but, apparently, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be back at all.

Want to support Constantine? Watch it this weekend
Apr 23, 2015

Constantine's future hangs in the balance, and now NBC is giving you the chance to show some support (and catch up on a fun show).

Executive producer reveals when we'll finally learn the fate of NBC's Constantine
Mar 30, 2015

A second season renewal for NBC’s Constantine has been iffy for a while now. Will the network finally say yes?