The Master

9 Doctor Who villains so horrifying you'll hide behind the sofa
Jun 26, 2015

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, and in that time, our Gallifreyan friend has made a few enemies. Although some of these adversaries made us shiver throughout the episode, a few of them genuinely disturbed our dreams for days, weeks and years to come.

Moffat explains why Doctor Who 'doesn't really need' The Master anymore
Aug 11, 2014

At least one of the Doctor's most famous enemies probably won't be making another appearance anytime soon.

Look which Game of Thrones actor 8th Doctor Paul McGann wants as the new Master on Who
Jul 16, 2014

Eighth Doctor Paul McGann has come out in support of a former Game of Thrones actor to play the role of the Master on Doctor Who.

Look which classic Big Bad may return for Who season 8 (along with River Song!)
Jan 3, 2014

River Song -- as well as a classic big bad Doctor Who villain -- may just be returning for Peter Capaldi’s very first series as the Doctor.