Mary Jane Watson

Rumor of the Day: Is this the reason Mary Jane was cut from Amazing Spidey 2?
Jun 27, 2013

Could a major plot element be responsible for Mary Jane getting axed from Spidey 2?

Rumor of the day: Mary Jane being recast for Amazing Spidey 3
Jun 19, 2013

It sounds like the weird saga surrounding Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2 just got a little weirder.

MJ and Gwen Stacy meet in pics and video from the Spidey 2 set
Mar 12, 2013

It's an important moment in the life of Peter Parker, even if he doesn't know it yet.

Casting news reveals what to expect from Mary Jane in Spider-Man 2
Dec 17, 2012

The first installment of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man took its time with Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield) life, focusing on his first love Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). But his eventual long-time gal Mary Jane Watson is reportedly going to show up in part two, and now we know what to expect from her debut.

Meet the 5 finalists for the female leads (yes, leads) in Spider-Man
Dec 14, 2012

Two more actresses have tested for the female lead in Sony Pictures' upcoming reboot of Spider-Man, bringing the total to five. But which role are they vying for—Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson?